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Department of Physical Education Faculty

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of CPTAlexander CPT Gerren Alexander Boxing 7555  
Photo of Dr.Barone Dr. Ray Barone Assistant Professor/Boxing Course Director 6292  
Photo of MAJBedard MAJ Alex Bedard Boxing 3248  
Photo of COLBigelman COL Kevin Bigelman Deputy Director 3401  
Photo of CPTBorman CPT John Borman Boxing 2685  
Photo of CPTCalway CPT Kelly Calway Combatives 2340  
Photo of Dr.Coelho Dr. Jeff Coelho Professor/Director of Instruction 6523  
Photo of Mr.Coughlin Mr. Artie Coughlin Director FOPs 4851  
Photo of Dr.Crowder Dr. Todd Crowder Associate Professor 2667  
Photo of CPTFeeney CPT Ryan Feeney Instructor/Aquatics 6336  
Photo of Dr.Fielitz Dr. Lynn Fielitz Associate Professor/Associate Director of Instruction 6525  
Photo of CPTFortune CPT Michael Fortune Aquatics 6892  
Photo of Mr.Fulkerson Mr. Dustin Fulkerson Instructor/Aquatics 2744  
Photo of Mr.Furlong Mr. Daniel Furlong Instructor/Coordinator, Competitive Sports 5675  
Photo of Mr.Gannon Mr. Paul Gannon Instructor/Competitive Sports Brigade Opens 6264  
Photo of COL (Ret.)Germain COL (Ret.) Jesse Germain Academy Professor / Director, Kinesiology Major 5326  
Photo of COLGist COL Nicholas Gist Director, DPE 3401  
Photo of Mr.Goetz Mr. Timothy Goetz Instructor /Military Movement /Snowboarding /Racquetball 6725  
Photo of Mr.Hess Mr. Gregory Hess Instructor/Athletic Trainer 6244  
Photo of Dr.Hewit Dr. Jennifer Hewit Assistant Professor 8085  
Photo of CPTInman CPT Tyler Inman Military Movement 7745  
Photo of Dr.Jaffe Dr. Daniel Jaffe Assistant Professor 3950  
Photo of CPTKavanagh CPT Brian Kavanagh Instructor 7918  
Photo of Ms.Kligerman Ms. Sue Kligerman Instructor/Military Movement/Combatives 2279  
Photo of CPTLensing CPT Matthew Lensing Aquatics 5047  
Photo of Mr.Liba Mr. Jonathan Liba Instructor / Course Director, PE215 3864  
Photo of Mr.McVan Mr. John McVan Assistant Professor/Aquatics Course Director 5656  
Photo of Ms.Nagy Ms. Kimberly Nagy Athletic Trainer/Instructor 0580  
Photo of LTCNowels LTC Russ Nowels Executive Officer 7621  
Photo of MAJOuimet MAJ Nicolas Ouimet Military Movement 7745  
Photo of Mr.Palmer Mr. John Palmer Instructor/Director of Sports Medicine 0092  
Photo of CPTPhillips CPT Anita Phillips Instructor 3320  
Photo of MAJProctor MAJ Eliot Proctor Military Movement 8066  
Photo of CPTRinaldi CPT Nicholas Rinaldi Aquatics 5634  
Photo of CPTShowman CPT Benjamin Showman Combatives 6890  
Photo of CPTSquier CPT Robert Squier Combatives 0751  
Photo of Mr.Strickler Mr. Dawes Strickler Instructor/Military Movement 3830  
Photo of Mr.Suby Mr. Jason Suby Assistant Professor / Director of Assessment 5866  
Photo of CPTTankiewicz CPT Anthony Tankiewicz Aquatics 2543  
Photo of CPTThomas CPT Walter Thomas Military Movement 0670  
Photo of CPTTsilianos CPT Konstantinos Tsilianos Boxing 7614  
Photo of Mr.VanDam Mr. Drew VanDam Instructor 7737  
Photo of Dr.Woodworth Dr. Bart Woodworth Assistant Professor/Director of Operations and Training 2969  
Photo of Dr.Yunker Dr. Craig Yunker Assistant Professor/Director of Competitive Sports 5429