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Lifetime Physical Activity Courses

CDT Barnes throws for Ippon An instructor leading a SCUBA trip section Cadets learning to strike in volleyball Cadets playing tennis Cadets in Advanced Combatives A cadet in volleyball class A cadet looking for his next hold Cadets on a Cyling trip Cadets in Weight Training A cadet playing golf Snowboarding class visiting Windham Mountain Snowboarding Class
The Upperclass Lifetime Physical Activities Program is designed to develop a foundation of skills, knowledge, and personal attributes, which will enable cadets to successfully participate in Lifetime Physical Activities, provide motivation for continued improvement, and establish a pattern of physical activity for a lifetime.
Enrollment in one DPE Lifetime Sport is mandatory for all Second class cadets. First class cadets may elect to enroll in additional lifetime sport courses beyond the one course requirement (minimum 2.5 PPS). 
Aerobic Fitness - Dr. Todd Crowder ​Badminton/Pickelball - Mr. Paul Gannon
Basketball - Mr. Arthur Coughlin ​Cycling - Mr. Jason Suby
​Combat Grappling - Mr. Matt Larsen ​Emergency Water Safety - Mr. John McVan
​Golf - Mr. Drew Van Dam ​Lifeguarding - Mr. John McVan
​Modern Army Combatives Level 1 Certification - Mr. Matt Larsen ​Olympic Weightlifting - Dr. Dan Jaffe
​Racquetball - Mr. Paul Gannon ​Rock Climbing - Mr. Dawes Strickler
​SCUBA - Dr. Bart Woodworth ​Skiing - Dr. Craig Yunker
​Snowboarding - Dr. Bart Woodworth ​Soccer - Mr. Paul Gannon
​Tennis - Dr. Lynn Fielitz ​Strength Development - Dr. Ray Barone
​Volleyball - Dr. Lynn Fielitz