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Military Movement (PE117) 


Course Director: Mr. Timothy Goetz

Cadets performing the low crawl on the Indoor Obstacle Course Test Cadets climbing ropes Cadets jumping on trampolines Cadets performing the squat vault during class


This is a 19-lesson course designed to expose cadets to a variety of basic movement skills. The course serves as a basis for many other athletic and military activities that cadets will encounter during their time at USMA as well as in their Army career. Focus is placed on applied movement tasks for all cadets. This course takes a basic Movement Theme approach, meaning cadets are required to learn a variety of relevant skills from within the general themes of rolling, hanging, climbing, crawling, jumping, vaulting, landing, mounting, supporting and swinging. In addition, the environment (or apparatus) where a skill is performed is changed or modified to challenge the cadet and broaden the movement experience. Movement environments are designed around specific events such as tumbling, vaulting, vertical ropes, horizontal ropes, the indoor obstacle course (IOCT), horizontal bars, elephant vault, ankles to the bar (ATB), pull-ups, rock climbing, and trampoline. 

Lesson Skills
1 Body Management/Positions Jumping and Landing Pull-up 
2 Lock Climb Flank Vault Ankles to the Bar
3 Forward Dive Rolls - Back Roll Clinch Climb Dips 
4 IOCT Instruction
5 Grapevine Climb Prone-Candlestick-Roll
6 Squat Vault Knee Swing
7 Handstand Feetfirst Climb
8 Back Hip Circle Elephant Squat
9 Hands Only Back Knee Circle
10 Cartwheel
11/13 Rock Climbing Round-off Head first/Sideswing
12/14 Rock Climbing Handspring Commando/Feet First
15 Seat Drops Straddle Vault
16 Seat Drop 1/2 Turn Squat Vault
17 Front Drops
18 Big Three