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Department of Physical Education Recent Faculty

Photo Name Position  
Photo of CPTAlexander CPT Gerren Alexander Boxing  
Photo of MAJBedard MAJ Alex Bedard Boxing  
Photo of Mr.Bosse Mr. Ray Bosse Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of CPTCalway CPT Kelly Calway Combatives  
Photo of MAJCiccarelli MAJ Dan Ciccarelli Instructor/Deputy Director IT  
Photo of BG (Ret.)Daniels BG (Ret.) Greg Daniels  
Photo of MAJDargavell MAJ Michael Dargavell Instructor/Military Movement  
Photo of Dr.East Dr. Chip East Director of Guidance  
Photo of MAJFeeney MAJ Ryan Feeney Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of Mr.Fulkerson Mr. Dustin Fulkerson Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of CPTHill CPT Ryan Hill Instructor/Combatives  
Photo of Mrs.Jackson Mrs. Melissa Jackson Director of Combatives  
Photo of CPTJuten CPT Richard Juten Instructor/Boxing  
Photo of MAJKobbe MAJ William Kobbe Instructor/Boxing  
Photo of MAJKoppen MAJ Tom Koppen Instructor/Course Director-PE450  
Photo of CPTLilly CPT Helen Lilly Instructor/Operations  
Photo of Mr.Lorenzen Mr. Dan Lorenzen Instructor/Course Director Combatives  
Photo of MAJMacon MAJ Rachelle Macon Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of MAJMagennis MAJ Matt Magennis Instructor/Military Movement  
Photo of CPTMarquez CPT Benji Marquez Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of MAJMcKenna MAJ Laura McKenna Aquatics Instructor/Curriculum Coordinator  
Photo of Mrs.Merrigan Mrs. Beth Merrigan Instructor/Guidance Coordinator  
Photo of MAJMitroka MAJ Timothy Mitroka Aquatics Instructor & Admin/Recruiting  
Photo of LTCMorales LTC Hector Morales Academy Professor/Dir. of Program Support/PE150 Course Dir.  
Photo of CPTMunroe CPT Michael Munroe Aquatics/Company Athletics Coordinator  
Photo of LTCNowels LTC Russ Nowels Executive Officer  
Photo of MAJParks MAJ Aaron Parks Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of MAJPatterson MAJ Tyler Patterson Instructor/Military Movement  
Photo of MAJPeterson MAJ Robert Peterson Instructor, Boxing; Operations Officer  
Photo of Dr.Pim Dr. Ralph Pim Professor/Director of Competitive Sports