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About Us 

 A little about EECS...
Dept. Head
The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a learning community dedicated to the education of cadets. Our Faculty and Staff are a diverse group of the friendliest, most competent and energetic people you will ever meet. Our courses are current, relevant, and challenging. Our laboratories are fully equipped and carefully maintained. Graduates of our nationally accredited programs can rightly claim that their undergraduate background ranks among the very best.

The EECS Team shares a commitment to the Army ethos and the vision and goals established by the Dean and Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. This page describes the foundations for the great work we do every day. 

Barry L. Shoop 
Head of the Department
The EECS Mission
Educate and inspire cadets to be leaders of character, prepared to think critically, innovate and apply engineering and technology expertise as Army Officers.
Shared Vision
The Army’s premier source of information technology, electrical engineering, and computer science education for Army officers; sustaining a culture where cadets, faculty, and staff members are inspired to achieve their full potential; recognized for contributions to the Academy, the Army, and our disciplines.
Core Values
We base our unique values on the Army's: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. To these we add...
We treat others as they would have us treat them.

We strive for broad and deep knowledge about all our disciplines.

We quietly help each other to succeed.

We take responsibility for improvements of all kinds.

We share a sense of collegial enthusiasm about what we do.

We perform each task as well as it ought to be done.

We seek to be well-rounded human beings.
  • Our graduates possess knowledge of state-of-the-art engineering and technology that meets Army needs; they are able to master and apply new technologies throughout a career of service.
  • Our teaching makes cadets responsible for their own development in an environment of exceptional resources, guidance, and encouragement to succeed.
  • Our programs are nationally accredited and highly regarded within the community of college education.
  • Our faculty and staff are a diverse team of professionals, each making his or her personal best contribution to our mission and valuing the contributions of others.
  • Our climate prizes initiative, innovation, and accomplishment for the department team, underpinned by enthusiasm for learning in all our disciplines.
  • Our centers of excellence integrate externally resourced, Army-relevant research and outreach projects with cadet education and faculty professional development.
  • Our organization is kind and fair to people, assigning work equitably, honoring preference, rewarding excellence, enabling continued professional success.
  • Our support activities provide a practically constraint-free environment for accomplishing the mission.
  • Some facts and figures...
    Our department is 71 great people with exceptionally diverse skills and backgrounds. Our classrooms see about 1,800 cadets per year. We operate 28 laboratories including computer, electronic, power, photonic, microwave, VLSI design, and other types, most of them seating 18 cadets, which is our maximum class size. We have a first rate technology infrastructure tied together by a network fast-approaching 100% gigabit speed. Our fabrication shop can build nearly anything, and we have great softball, basketball, and volleyball teams.
    Go EECS!
    Further questions about EECS? Try contacting us.