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Directors of the Department

Important leadership, governance, and management functions of the Department are performed by selected senior faculty members as a service to our programs and to the Military Academy. These are our Directors.
Department Head 
COL Barry Shoop 
Deputy Department Head
COL James Raftery 
Curriculum Director
Dr. Wenli Huang
Coordinates and facilitates the continuous process of curriculum change.
Engineering, Technology, and Logistics Support Director
Mr. Bradley Dick
Leads and administers Computer Support, Engineering Support, and Supply/Logistics support to the teaching and research programs.
Communications Director
LTC Kirk Ingold
Coordinates communications supporting the relationship between the Department and cadets, especially prospective majors.
Assessment Director
COL Barry Shoop
Coordinates and facilitates the Department's continuous assessment and improvement systems and procedures, including both academic programs and other department processes.
Professional Development Director
Prof. Aaron St. Leger 
Coordinates the Department's program of developmental seminars and workshops.
Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) Director
LTC Alex Mentis
Leads and coordinates the Department's program for cadet summer academic experiences throughout the world.
Executive Officer
Ms. Angie Cowen
Leads Administrative Support and operations of the Department.
Faculty Recruiting Officer
CPT John Chamberlin
Leads and implements the Department's programs for recruiting of military faculty members.