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MAJ Chris Liggett was an English major and member of the Parachute Team at West Point (class of 2012). He served with the 101st Airborne as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Afghanistan (2014) and a Special Operations Civil Affairs Team Commander in Burkina Faso, Africa (2019). He studied literature at the University of Colorado Boulder (received an M.A. in 2022), and he is totally excited to be teaching cadets at West Point. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring cadets (as both an instructor and the Parachute Team OIC), promoting the power of the humanities, and continuing to grow as a person of action. He and his wife Steph have two awesome kids (Meredith and Carter), and they’d love to get to know you.

Ongoing Research Projects

The humanities help us develop as people of action: thoughtful, reflective, experienced, aware. I study the humanities because they help me grow as a person, survive and thrive in complex (people-centric) environments, and they help me to lead. How has such an important aspect of our world (understanding people) become so undervalued? It is my work to promote the humanities and remind folks of why we dig deep into exploring perspective, culture, ideology, and narrative. These are the things of influence in our world. My work is to learn about them: to put them to use.

Publications & Presentations


2022: “How do we connect to solve problems? Afghan evacuation and human connection.” Youtube, TEDxCU.

2022: “The Power of Human Connection: Rhizomatic Networks and the Afghan Evacuation.” Department of English Graduate Convention 2022, The University of Virginia.


2021: “What is Infrastructure? Doctrine’s Failure to Define the Word and the Military’s Inability to Understand it,” Modern War Institute, The United States Military Academy at West Point. 

2021: “The Humanities is our Missing Tool,” Inkstick Media. 

2021: “It is Time for Civil Affairs to Lead Special Operations in Northwest Africa,” Small Wars Journal.  

2020: “Migrants as Partners,” English Language Notes: Of Note Blog, University of Colorado at Boulder.  

2020: “Doctrine: Bringing Order to Chaos,” Eunomia Journal, The Civil Affairs Association.  


In progress, After the War, Memoir, Afghan Evacuation and Resettlement.   


2021: “From Afghanistan to Alamogordo: Army Major reunited with interpreter-turned-friend, rescues entire family,” KTSM Channel 9 News. 

2021: “Coloradans prepare home for Afghan refugees moving to Boulder County.” Colorado Channel 9 News. 

2021: “We feel secure right now,” Daily Camera, Boulder. 

2021: “Colorado braces for what it means to be a safe haven for refugees from war-torn   Afghanistan.” Denver Gazette.