Photo of Dr. Morris

Dr. Courtney Morris

Associate Professor


Courtney did her PhD in philosophy at University of California, Riverside. She specializes in the history of philosophy, Kant, and 19th Century philosophy.

Ongoing Research Projects

Courtney is currently working on topics related to Kant’s theory of education.

Publications & Presentations

“The Logical Root of the Transcendental Ideas of Pure Reason,” in History of Philosophy Quarterly, April 2018, Vol. 35, Issue. 2, 137-156.

“A Kantian Approach to Recognizing Privilege,” forthcoming in Equality, More or Less, Hamilton Press.

“Imagine Yourself in the Bird: Teaching Philosophy at the United States Military Academy” in Philosophers in the Classroom, ed., Steven M. Cahn, Alexander Bradner, and Andrew Mills, Hackett Publishing Company, September 2018.

“Kant and the Art of Questioning,” presented at the Multilateral Kant Colloquium, October 11-13, 2018, at University of Catania, Italy.

“Kant on Being Well-Educated,” presented at the Long Island Philosophical Society conference, April 14, 2018.