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MAJ Kevin Scott




CPT Scott graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2012 and commissioned as a Signal Corps Officer. His past duty positions include Retransmission and Network Operations Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, Battalion Signal Officer, Brigade Assistance Operations Officer, Company Commander, and Activity Commander. CPT Scott earned his Master's in Philosophy at the University of Colorado - Boulder prior to his arrival to the department. He has one fur-baby, a Golden Retriever named Aurelia (Auri).

Ongoing Research Projects

Most generally, I am interested in the crossover between the various types of identity (personal, numerical, narrative, etc.) and the establishment and implications of various character traits. What makes you the same 'you' over a period of time? How are character traits (honesty, courage, honor, etc.) associated with the various concepts of identity? What does it mean for your identity to change, yet you remain the same person?
I'm also interested in using philosophical introspection to determine how we achieve personal growth, establish and justify our beliefs, and determine what role we (humans) have in the universe.