CPT Luke Wilson

CPT Luke Wilson




CPT Wilson enlisted into the United States Army in 2001. While enlisted, he held leadership positions from Team Leader to Platoon Sergeant. In 2012, CPT Wilson graduated from Indiana University and commissioned as a Signal Officer. His past duty positions as an officer include Platoon Leader, Battalion Assistant S3, Deputy Secretary of the General Staff, Brigade Future Operations Officer, Detachment Command and Company Commander. CPT Wilson earned a MA in Literature, Media, and Culture from Florida State University prior to his arrival to the Department.

Commander, USANEC-Q, 25th Signal Battalion, 160th Signal Brigade (2018-2020)
Brigade Future Operations Officer, 35th Signal Brigade, 18th ABC (2017-2018)
Detachment Commander B/67th, 67th Expeditionary Signal BN, 35th Signal BDE (2016-2017)
Deputy Secretary of the General Staff, Cyber Center of Excellence (2015-2016)
Assistant S3, 412th Aviation Support Battalion, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (2014-2015)
Platoon Leader, C. Co, 412th Aviation Support BN, 12th Combat Aviation BDE (2013-2015)

Ongoing Research Projects

From a wide angle perspective, I am interested in researching aspect of gender inequality within the United States. More specifically, I am interested in how this inequality will be resolved and through this resolution, how we proceed to creating human equality inside the United States.