CPT Michael Weiss

MAJ Michael Weiss

Instructor and Course XO for EN102



MAJ Mike Weiss was commissioned out of The University of Colorado Denver in 2012 as an Infantry Officer. MAJ Weiss served as a Mechanized Platoon Leader and Battalion Scout Platoon in 1-77 AR, 3ABCT, 1AD before transitioning to Military Intelligence. He then served as the Battalion Intelligence Officer in 1-66 AR, 3ABCT, 4ID. He joined the West Point Faculty in 2022 after completing his MA in Literature from the University of Missouri.

Ongoing Research Projects

I work at the intersection of Literary Realism and War fiction. Examining how Veteran authors describe combat, combatants, and non-combatants.

Publications & Presentations

MA Thesis: “Beyond the Trauma Hero: The Discourse of American War Fiction from the Global War on Terror”, MAY 2022.

Presentation at the Association of Literary Scholars And Critics (ALCSW) titled: “The Officers Gaze in American War Film”, OCT 2023.