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MAJ Nathan Barnes



MAJ Barnes graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2011 and commissioned as a Military Police Officer. His past duty positions include Company Executive Officer, Platoon Leader, Brigade Assistant Plans Officer, Directorate of Emergency Services Operations Officer, and Detachment Commander. CPT Barnes earned a MA in English at Virginia Tech prior to his arrival to the Department. He is married to Adris and they have two wonderful children, Theadora Isabel Barnes Martinez and Christopher Alexander Barnes.

Commander, 91 MP DET, 519 MP BN (2017-19)

Directorate of Emergency Services Operations Officer, Fort Polk (2015-17)

Brigade Assistant Plans Officer, 89 MP BDE (2013-2015)

Platoon Leader, 410 MP CO, 720 MP BN (2012-2013)

Executive Officer, 410 MP CO, 720 MP BN (2011-2012)

Ongoing Research Projects

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in Medieval literature, especially Old English poetry. More specifically, I’m interested in the relationships of men and women to each other, violence, and power, and how each are characterized in literature. I’m currently drafting some articles on Old English poetry and riddles, and well as beginning to study the Valkyries from Old Norse and their relationship with the Old English poetic corpus.

Publications & Presentations


A New Solution to the Exeter Book’s Riddle 80: Banner.” Presented at the Medieval & Renaissance Symposium, Texas Tech University, 18 September 2020.