LTC Falcao in his Class A Uniform

LTC Daniel Falcão

Instructor of Portuguese


LTC Falcão is a Brazilian Exchange Officer who graduated from the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (AMAN) in 2002 and received a BA in Management and Military Sciences. He also holds a BS in Physical Education and an MA in Military Sciences. His military training courses include: Joint Operations, Command and General Staff, Peacekeeping Operations, Captains Career Course, Armor Master Gunner, Jungle Warfare, Airborne, and Master Jump and Free Fall in Brazil. He is a graduate of the US Army Maneuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) as well as the Peruvian Peacekeeping Operations Course. He served as a Platoon Leader and as an Executive Officer in a Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, and served as the Commander for an Airborne Cavalry Troop. As an educator, he served as an instructor at AMAN, as well as the Brazilian Armor Training Center and the Brazilian Army Captains Career School. Apart from training abroad, LTC Falcão also served as a Military Observer for a UN Mission in the Central African Republic. Most recently before arriving to teach Portuguese at USMA, LTC Falcão served as a staff officer in Brazil's Amazon Military Command Headquarters.

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