Elizabeth Robinson official photo with flag

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson

Instructor of French



Elizabeth earned her BA in French and Spanish from SUNY Geneseo in 2004. In 2013 she earned her MA in French with a minor in Canadian Studies from SUNY at Buffalo. Currently, Elizabeth is finishing her dissertation entitled, “Gynocolonial Legacies: Lasting Influences of the French Founding Mothers in North America” at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Robinson has received grants to study history, language, culture and pedagogy at McGill University in Montreal, l’Université Laval in Quebec City, as well as grants to study and promote Quebec outside of Canada. At the University of Maryland, Elizabeth has earned multiple awards for her teaching, and was recognized as an Outstanding Graduate Student in the top 2% for service to her department and school.

She has presented at various universities and organizations about the history of Quebec and its present cultural echoes, pedagogical approaches to teaching about Quebec, and has even participated in the St Jean Baptiste parade in Quebec as an historical reenactor (a fille du roi). In the Fall of 2022, she will present two papers at the American Council for Quebec Studies conference, recognized as an Emerging Scholar in the field of Quebec Studies. Elizabeth’s most recent publication, “The role of the table: Border and Frontier in Germaine Guèvremont’s Le Survenant” appeared in a 2022 co-edited volume entitled On the Edge: Essays on the Representations and Images of Frontiers and Borders in Literature. Known for her fervent love of Celine Dion’s music, Liz is currently working on an article regarding the cultural phenomenon of Celinessance (the renaissance of Celine as a cultural icon) and its implications with post-feminism.

In her free time, Liz can be found running and hanging out with her puggle, Missy.

Ongoing Research Projects

Dissertation, "Gynocolonial Legacies: Lasting Influences of the French Founding Mothers in North America”