Mr Mandzha official photo

Mr. Khanna Mandzha

Instructor of Arabic


Khanna Mandzha was born and raised in Christian Valley in Syria. He graduated in 1987 from Belarus Polytechnical Institute with a master’s degree in Auto Mechanical Engineering Engine Design. In 1993 he obtained a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in Petroleum and Carbon Materials from Azerbaijan State Petroleum Academy. His is currently a PhD student at Northcentral University. In 1998 Mr. Mandzha worked as a translator at New York Association for New Americans (NYANA) and taught Arabic at Berlitz Language Center. From 2003 to 2010 Mr. Mandzha worked as an interpreter with U.S. forces deployed in Iraq. In 2011 he began teaching Arabic and Russian at USMA. In 2014 reviewed and corrected a dictionary of Syrian Arabic for Georgetown University. He is married to his wife Izolda and has twin boys, Simon and Mark.