Dr Chouairi official photo in front of flag

Dr. Rajaa Chouairi

Program Director of Arabic

Associate Professor of Arabic



Dr. Rajaa Chouairi is a native of Lebanon. He is the Arabic Program Director and is native-fluent in Arabic, English and French with a strong working knowledge in German. He came to West Point in 1995 where he overhauled the Arabic program, introduced and authored the materials of new courses on Arab Civilization, Literature and Colloquial. Dr. Chouairi is the author of 2 books: Shou Fi Ma Fi (Yale University Press), and Bagatelles (Dergham Press), and many articles that appeared in peer reviewed journals and newspapers. His book Shou Fi Ma Fi is considered the main reference and tool for the teaching of Levantine Arabic in the United States, England, Germany and the Arab World and has been used by some of the most esteemed educational institutions in the world. Dr. Chouairi is presently working on 2 other books. Dr. Chouairi has also acted as the reviewer-for-publication of many books and essays in Arabic. He has advised many colleges and universities on the teaching of Arabic and formulating curricula and plans of studies. Dr. Chouairi has widely lectured and led discussion panels at conferences on the topics of the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language, politics, literature, theatre and music. At West Point Dr. Chouairi served on several committees to include the Sol Feinstone Committee, the Intellectual Development Committee, the Teaching Awards Committee, and the Academic Excellence Committee which he chaired from 2011 to 2014. He also has worked with the Fly-Fishing Club (1997) and the Sailing Team (1998-1999) as Officer in Charge. In 2006 Dr. Chouairi started the DFL Performance Series and the DFL Piano and Voice Mentorship Program both of which he runs and directs. Since 1997, Dr. Chouairi has been the Department of Foreign Languages point of contact (POC) for the Summer Leader Experience program (previously known as SLS), and he has served as the Dean’s POC for the same program between 2013 and 2015. Dr. Chouairi holds a BA degree in Social Sciences from Bradford College, and a Masters Degree in Humanities (Concentration on Islamic and Byzantine Arts), and a Ph.D. in Reading and Cognition from Hofstra University.