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Geospatial Information Science Major

Geospatial Information Science courses are taught with extensive hands-on use of digital technology in the Geographic Science Laboratory (GSL) and in the field. Cadets use GPS, view and analyze satellite imagery, build map databases and produce maps with state of the art hardware and software. Click here to view the department catalog to find out more about each course.
Honors Program
Cadets with excellent academic record can participate in the Geospatial Honors Program. Honors Cadets take the following two courses:
  • EV489A Independent Study in Geospatial Information Science
  • An additional elective course
    Space Activities Skill Identifier
    Cadets majoring in Geospatial Information Science receive a Space Activities Additional Skill Identifier (3Y) on their official military record. 
    The Geospatial Information Science Major is accredited by the United States Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).  We are a certified Center of Academic Excellence for Geospatial Sciences.
    Core Courses:
    Complete the 26-course curriculum and complete any 3-course core engineering sequence
    Fundamentals of Geospatial Science
    Complete all of the following courses:
    EV377 Remote Sensing
    EV378 Computer Cartography
    EV398 Geographic Information Systems
    Spatial Data Acquisition
    Complete one of the following courses:
    EV379 Photogrammetry
    EV380 Principles of Surveying
    Advanced Spatial Data Analysis
    Complete the following course:
    EV477 Adv Remote Sensing
    EV498 Adv Geographic Information
    Integrative  experience 
    Complete the following course:
    EV482 Military Geography
    Cultural Immersion
    Complete the following course:
    EV365 Geography of Global Cultures
    Geospatial Electives
    Complete two of the following:
    EV300 Environmental Science
    EV371 Geography of Russia
    EV372 Geography of Asia
    EV373 Geography of Latin America
    EV375 Geography of Africa
    EV376 Geography of the Middle East
    EV379 Photogrammetry
    EV380 Surveying
    EV384 Geography of North America
    EV386 Geography of Europe
    EV388A Physical Geology
    EV388B Geomorphology
    EV389B Climatology
    EV390B Urban Geography
    EV391A Principles of Land Use Planning
                and Management
    EV391B Environmental Geology
    EV397 Air Pollution Engineering
    EV399A Geology Field Course
    EV478 Military Geospatial Operations
    EV481 Water Resources Planning and
    EV489A Advanced Independent Study I
    EV489B Advanced Independent Study

    Descriptions of all courses can be found in the West Point Course Catalog known as the "Red Book."