June 13, 2020 - West Point, New York

The United States Military Academy Class of 2020 has demonstrated strength and resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  West Point will provide a graduation ceremony befitting the accomplishments for the Class of 2020 and demonstrate the strength of our Army and our Nation to the world. Cadets were able to overcome a pandemic and finish the semester online while they were dispersed across the country. West Point and the Army look forward to welcoming the newest cohort of Lieutenants into the ranks of the Army Officer Corps.

Graduation Live Stream (with closed captioning)

Graduation Live Stream

Graduation Program

The 100th Night Show

The 100th Night Show has been around since 1871, as a collection of comedic skits making fun of the 47-month West Point Experience. Since 1903, the show has been a full-length comedy-musical. The song “100 Days ‘Til June” has been traditionally sung at the end of the show for a number of years to celebrate 100 Days until graduation.

The Class of 2020 cast of the show thought it would be a neat project relive the song in order to stay connected in a remote environment during COVID-19. Now that graduation day is actually in June, it felt even more fitting.

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The Class of 2020 returns to the U.S. Military Academy

Members of the class of 2020 share their thoughts about returning to West Point, the excitement to stand on the parade field with their classmates, and getting ready to graduate and serve their country. 

West Point has taken deliberate measures to ensure the safety of cadets, staff and faculty, and families of West Point during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pillars of the Academy

Four graduates with Class of 2020 represent the Academy's four leader development programs: Character, Academic, Physical, and Military. Through these programs, cadets learn to live honorably, lead honorably, and demonstrate excellence.

Military Pillar

Daine Van De Wall – First Captain

"The military pillar--to me--is what makes West Point unique. People often say they want to go to West Point to serve. While I agree, there are so many different ways to serve--enlisted, ROTC, OCS. I made the decision to transfer from ROTC at the University of Florida to West Point because I wanted additional opportunities to lead. That is what makes West Point so special. Cadets have the opportunity to lead 1 cadet up to 4,400. The experience of leading as a squad leader at the Naval Academy, company First Sergeant, Command Sergeant Major for Cadet Field Training, and finally as First Captain is what has made my West Point experience so special."

Physical Pillar

Lynne Mooradian

“I’ve always equated physical fitness with not only the opportunity to lead by example, but also the demonstration of effort and preparation. Being fit is a way to make an impression and serve as a role model for others. It has served me well as a Team Captain of Army Track and Field, and I am sure it will continue to do so as I lead Soldiers in the Army. Physical fitness isn’t an end state, but rather a constant battle to improve yourself with time, hard work, and sweat.”

Academic Pillar

Gavin McAuliffe

I came to West Point because I wanted to be surrounded by a group of peers dedicated to supporting one another, becoming the best version of themselves, and serving the United States.  I found exactly that, and made some of the best friends I’ll ever have through our shared experiences in classes, military training, and athletics.  Further, the challenges I faced over the last four years provided me the confidence to lead others through difficult situations.  I’m extremely proud to graduate and join the Long Gray Line.

Character Pillar

Samantha Sullivan – Trust Captain

"Character is what you do when no one is looking, it is the foundation of everything we do not only at the Academy, but in our everyday lives. As the Trust Captain, I was able to get more cadets to care about the issue of sexual assault and harassment through personal testimony and demonstrate what we do at the Academy to prevent SA/H in order to collaborate with other Academies, schools, and Army officials to improve our own system. West Point has taught me to stay strong through tough times, shown me examples of extraordinary leadership as well as struggling leadership, and allowed me to explore what it means to be a leader of character in my everyday life."

Class Of 2020 Features

Support Our Graduates

Celebrate the Class of 2020 by showing your support for the graduating cadets!

Download and print posters and take picture of you, family members, and friends holding the posters. We will be featuring images on this page, so be sure to check in for updates!

Class Of 2020 Postmark

The West Point Parents Club of Michigan and the United States Postal Service produce a special postmark annually to commemorate graduation. For information on how to receive the Class of 2020 postmark, please see the release.

Class of 2020 postmark created by the United States Postal Service.