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Dates: 04-12 June 2014
OIC: MAJ Brett Lea
A/OIC: LTC Kevin Clark
Senior Faculty: Prof. Steve Waddell
Cadets: TBD
Generously funded by the Anderson Family, this annual staff ride begins with a preparatory phase from March to May, during which cadets and faculty meet every other week to discuss the Normandy campaign, from planning up through the liberation of Paris. The week prior to the staff ride the cadets will participate in intensive discussions and prepare briefings regarding key events during the invasion.  Discussion centers around Antony Beevor's
D-Day: The Battle for Normandy as well as other historiographical
interpretations introduced by faculty members. Each cadet prepares a presentation based on additional research that is presented during the staff70th anniversary logo.PNG
The staff ride itinerary is subject to change, but is projected to include
the following: Omaha, Utah, Sword and Gold beaches, Pegasus and La Fiere
bridges, Long Sur Mere, Ste. Mere Eglise, Caen, and the Falaise Pocket. This
year's staff ride will be conducted during the observation of the 70th
Anniversary of the invasion.  Members of the Ste. Mere Eglise memorial
association in conjunction with Operation Democracy will host the cadets and
faculty and participate in festivities to honor those who fought and lost
their lives during the operation.  The group will also meet with veterans of
the 2nd Armored Division (French) in Paris. Cultural events include visiting
the Bayeux Tapestry, the Louvre, and Versailles.
Applications should include a Personal statement as described on the History
Department AIAD homepage, a letter of recommendation from a History
Instructor and the attached application. Letters from Instructors outside of
the History Department are acceptable if a cadet has not yet taken a course
in History at West Point. Applications should be sent to MAJ Brett Lea who
will send you a confirmation of receipt of your application.