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Department of History : Staff Rides

2018 Department of History Spring Break Staff Rides and Summer AIADs



2018 Department of History Spring Break Staff Rides and Summer AIADs:
Click on the .pdf files below for individual posters advertising the 2018
Spring Break Staff Rides and each of the Summer AIAD  opportunities sponsored or co-sponsored by the Department of History.

2018 Spring Break Staff Rides Poster

2018 Summer History AIAD Posters

Applications: Click on the appropriate .pdf file below for the applications for either the 2018 Spring Break Staff Rides or the 2018 Summer AIAD opportunities.  Read the instructions on the form for details on submitting your application.  Before submitting your application, save the file using this naming convention: "John Doe 2018 Application" replacing "John Doe" with your first and last name. 
DEADLINE: 13 October 2017

A staff ride offers the opportunity for cadets to study a campaign or historical events in a classroom environment, experience the terrain of the actual battlefield or immerse themselves in a foreign culture to improve their understanding of the events that took place, and integrate the lessons learned from the combination of classroom and field study. All cadets are allowed to participate, although preference is given to History majors and concentrators, and to cadets with language proficiency in the region of study. Many cadets apply to fill a limited number of seats on each staff ride, and some apply for several years before being selected. Cadets learn about the campaign as a group and research various aspects of the campaign as individuals, giving presentations during the classroom and the field study phases of the staff ride. Staff ride participants regularly comment that the experience of presenting their research on the actual battlefield is one of the most memorable of their cadet careers.