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Department of History : WWII Asian Pacific Theater

WWII Major Operations of the Asian and Pacific Theater
Pacific and the Far East
The Imperial Powers, 1 September 1939
China, 1941
Major Japanese War Objectives and Planned Opening Attacks
Major Allied Forces and Positions, December 1941
Japanese Centrifugal Offensive December 1941
British Land and Air Dispositions, 7 December 1941 and Japanese Centrifugal Offensive Dec.1941 - Jan. 1942
Luzon P.I. Communications Net, American Dispositions, 8 December 1941
Luzon, P.I., Centrifugal Offensive, 10 Dec. - 6 May 1942
Netherlands East Indies, Japanese Centrifugal Offensive, December 1941 - April 1942
Southern Asia, Japanese Centrifugal Offensive, January - May 1942
Miconesia, Melanesia and New Guinea, Japanese Centrifugal Offensive
American carrier Operations, 7 December 1941- 18 April 1942 
Operations of the Japanese First Air Fleet, 7 December 1941 - 12 March 1942
The Battle of the Coral Sea, 6-8 May 1942 and The Battle of Midway, 3-6 June 1942
Status of Allied Forces and Theater Boundaries, 2 July 1942
The Guadalcanal Campaign, August - October 1942
Papa, New Guinea, 1942
Papa, New Guinea, September - November 1942
CARTWHEEL, The seizure of the Gilberts and Marshalls and Concurent Air and Naval Operations
The Solomons and New Guinea, June 1943 - April 1944
Original Allied Strategic Concept, May 1943 and Situation in Pacific 1 November 1943
The Gilbert Islands, Initial Operations of the 27th Infantry and Assault by 2nd Marine Division, November 1943
Kwajalein Atoll, January - February 1944
Allied Advances to the Marianas, 22 April - 24 July 1944
The Marianas, June-August 1944
Allied Advances to the Palaus and Morotai and Air Attacks on the Philippines, July-September 1944
Invasion of Hollandia,1944
The Invasion of Leyte, October 1944
Sixth Army Operations on Leyte and Sambar, October-December 1944
Sixth Army Operations, Mindoro and Marinduque Islands, December 1944 - January 1945
Japanese Fourteenth Area Army Dispositions Prior to 9 January 1945
Invasion of Luzon and the Advance to Manila, 9 January-4 February 1945
Final Operations on Luzon
Final Allied Offensives in the Southwest Pacific Area
China, 1920-1950
Chinese Territory Seized Prior to July 1937 and Major Japanese Drives in 1937
China, Japanese Advances During 1938 and 1939
Allied Reorganization, 30 March 1942 and Area Under Japanese Control, 6 August 1942
India-Burma, Allied Area of Communications, 1942-1943
The Third Burma Campaign, November 1943 - May 1944 a
The Third Burma Campaign, November 1943 - May 1944 b
Operation ICHIGO, April-December 1944 and Situation 31 December
The Third Burma Campaign, Allied Victory, April-May 1945
Operation ICHIGO, 1945 and Final Operations in the War
Summary of Allied Pacific Campaigns and Status of Japanese Forces, 1 February 1945
Allied Invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, 1945
Okinawa, April 1945
Okinawa, April-June 1945
Japanese Homeland Security and Allied Plans for the Invasion of Japan, August 1945
The Bombing of Japan
Areas Under Allied Japanese Controll, 15 August 1945