Corbin Leadership Forum Lean In Circles

Gender Roles in Movies

The Corbin Leadership Forum conducted its first Lean In Lunch of the year on Oct. 7, 2019.  The topic for the event was “How Movies Teach Manhood.”  After watching a TED Talk on this topic while eating lunch, Corbin members took part in small group discussions led by cadet facilitators.  The group discussions identified challenges associated with how movies portray gender roles.  Several groups identified the importance of identifying heroines and telling their stories, which in today’s media is not prevalent.  The cadet facilitators did an amazing job of leading these discussions among fellow cadets and faculty, and led to some amazing dialogue.

Making Stress your Friend

The Corbin Leadership Forum conducted its second Lean In Lunch of the year.  The topic was “Making Stress your Friend.”  One of the main lessons learned was that the body’s response to stress stimulates chemicals that cause people to seek out others when they are experiencing stress.  Cadet facilitators used this as an example of how inclusivity and empathy with others can help reduces stress within themselves and their friends.  The more inclusive people are with others, the better they are able to reduce stress. Cadets and Faculty also did a coloring exercise which has been proven to help reduce stress as well.  Overall, it was an outstanding event for our members.


The Corbin Leadership Forum’s third Lean In Lunch for the academic year was "Empathy and How Leaders can Become More Empathetic and Sympathetic."  The Lean In began with a large group presentation by Dr. Steven Condly who discussed the history of the words ‘empathy’ and ‘sympathy.’  After the large group presentation, cadets, cadet candidates from USMAPS, and faculty divided into small groups for discussions on Empathy and Sympathy.  They discussed events in their own lives where they experienced empathy from other people and also how they were empathetic for someone.  They then discussed how leaders can best be empathetic for their subordinates.  Overall, the event was very successful for members and friends of The Corbin Leadership Forum.

Women on the Front Lines of an American War

The Corbin Leadership Forum conducted its final Lean In Lunch event of this academic year.  The topic was a TED Talk by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon titled “Women on the Front Lines of an American War.”  The talk highlights the story of a special operations team of women who broke barriers and served on front line units in Afghanistan.  We also had a guest speaker, CPT(P) Kimberly Kopack, who was a part of the team that the TED talk was about.  CPT(P) Kopack talked about her experiences and gave advice to the cadets of Corbin on how to meet similar challenges she faced.  The Lean In event concluded with small group discussions that allowed each participant to highlight his or her own thoughts on the TED talk.  Overall, it was our most attended event of the year and our most impactful based on cadet feedback—cadets voluntarily stayed longer than our allotted time to continue their discussions and also to further engage with CPT (P) Kopack.