Corbin Leadership Forum Outreach

Cadets and faculty continue to engage in several outreach events with young girls at the Meadow Hill Elementary School in Newburgh through a highly successful initiative developed by Melissa Czarnogursky entitled: “Fireworks-Igniting Confidence in Young Girls.”  Fireworks is an outreach program dedicated to igniting confidence in young girls. Fireworks fosters the development and growth of self-confidence and identity of girls between the ages of 9-12. The mission of the Fireworks program is nested within the Corbin mission and aims to have the challenging, gender-related conversations that parallel to issues young girls may face.  

Cadets also mentored young girls through a new program called Confidence Connections that enables cadets to provide one-on-one mentoring through technology. The Confidence Connections mentorship program strives to build the confidence of young girls by providing strong relationships with female cadet mentors.  The mentorship is facilitated by a “confidence journal,” which has eight lessons, two per week, that focus on topics like gaining self-confidence, the importance of empowering other women, and goal setting.  Through the guided confidence lessons and mentorship, young girls will develop skills to boost confidence in their own abilities to create realistic and achievable goals and to generate positive self-perceptions.