West Point Negotiation Project Club

The West Point Negotiations Project provides the best negotiations expertise in the Army. The WPNP serves as a center of excellence for the United States Military Academy to train the corps in principled negotiations tactics, techniques, and procedures modeled by the Harvard Negotiation Project.  The concepts are taught to all second-class cadets who take the required leadership capstone course in BS&L, PL300: Military Leadership. A more detailed elective course is also offered within our Management program, MG390: Negotiations for Leaders. The project projects training to a select group of cadets in the WPNP club while training cadets across the force at an annual training workshop.

Male West Point cadet and female U.S. Coast Guard cadet pose for a picture as they stand outdoors on the balcony adjacent to the West Point Library.

About the West Point Negotiation Project Club

Students from the West Point Negotiation Project traveled to New York City to meet with members of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit.  Students learned how the Crisis team works with different organizations across New York City, both public and private, to better serve the greater New York City Metropolitan population.  The day included multiple briefings at FBI HQ with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, a tour of the Freedom Tower, the NYPD 6th precinct, and the NYPD Bomb Squad. 

About the West Point Negotiation Project Club

Cadets lead training events for other cadet organizations at West Point to educate on the practical application of negotiation skills.  The club works to facilitate the advancement of negotiation skills within the corps while conducting outreach training to ROTC programs and international military academies.

Group of West Point cadets seated around a rectangular table in the West Point Library, filling out a survey.
Two male West Point cadets sitting, facing one another, actively engaged in discussion during the West Point Negotiation Project annual conference.

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