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West Point Negotiation Project Workshop

The West Point Negotiation Project's mission is to enhance the ability of military leaders to negotiate in complex and challenging situations during both war and peace.

Purpose: The West Point Negotiation Project Workshop exists to expand current leader negotiation knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Who Should Attend?

Cadets and Midshipmen whose successful employment of negotiation skills will have significant impact on mission accomplishment upon commissioning.

What Is It?

A two-day Interactive Principled Negotiation Workshop that takes place at the United States Military Academy.  Highly interactive, experiential and small group learning environment that educates participants about principled negotiation through plenary sessions, role playing, and meaningful interactions with both peers and negotiation experts. 

Why Is This Important?

Current operating environments demand military leaders effectively negotiate both inside and outside their organizations, often across cultures; negotiation is a leader core competency.

Keynote Speaker 2020

The chosen speaker for 2020 was Mrs. Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo from 2006 until 2018. Mrs. Nooyi was ranked Fortune's #2 Most Powerful Woman, in 2015. Indra also serves as the Class of ‘51 Chair for Leadership Study at the United States Military Academy.

Projected Cost

Conference Fee: $0
Conference Material: $0
Transportation: Unit Funded
Lodging: Cadet Barracks
Meals: $25