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Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of CPTAdams CPT Bryan Adams Instructor 845-938-6339  
Photo of Dr.Alhajjar Dr. Elie Alhajjar Assistant Professor 845-938-4242  
Photo of Dr.Allen Dr. Brian Allen Assistant Professor 845-938-6309  
Photo of LTCArney LTC Kristin Arney Assistant Professor (845)938-5627  
Photo of COLAskins COL Harold Askins Instructor 845-938-0529  
Photo of Dr.Beshaj Dr. Lubjana Beshaj Assistant Professor 845-938-2093  
Photo of Dr.Blyman Dr. Kayla Blyman Assistant Professor 845.938.8321  
Photo of Dr.Bromberg Dr. Lisa Bromberg Assistant Professor 845-938-6419  
Photo of Dr.Chung Dr. Jong Chung Assistant Professor 845-938-8136  
Photo of MAJCollins MAJ Chris Collins Instructor 845-938-5660  
Photo of CPTCorson CPT William Corson Instructor 845-938-2719  
Photo of FRCosta FR Gabriel Costa Professor of Mathematics 845-938-5625  
Photo of COLCrow COL Mason Crow Assistant Professor 845-938-5870  
Photo of MAJdel Cuadro-Zimmerman MAJ David del Cuadro-Zimmerman Instructor 845-938-0981  
Photo of Dr.Dungan Dr. Ivan Dungan Assistant Professor 845-938-7148  
Photo of LTCFindlay LTC Michael Findlay Assistant Professor 845-938-8133  
Photo of MAJFisher MAJ Christopher Fisher Instructor 845-938-5168  
Photo of LTCFlorkowski LTC Stanley Florkowski Assistant Professor 845-938-0202  
Photo of Ms.Fortino Ms. Susan Fortino Office Automation Assistant 845-938-5617  
Photo of CPTGalbreath CPT David Galbreath Instructor 845-938-8135  
Photo of COLGoethals COL Paul Goethals Academy Professor, Assistant Professor 845-938-3322  
Photo of COLHall COL Andrew Hall Director of the Army Cyber Institute  
Photo of MAJHarness MAJ David Harness Instructor 845-938-5616  
Photo of COLHartley COL Tina Hartley Professor and Department Head 845-938-5285  
Photo of Dr.Hromadka Dr. Theodore Hromadka Professor of Mathematics 845-938-2036  
Photo of Dr.Im Dr. Mee Seong Im Assistant Professor 845-938-7461  
Photo of Dr.Ivy Dr. Sam Ivy Assistant Professor 845-938-5611  
Photo of CPTKuiper CPT Patrick Kuiper Instructor 845-938-0209  
Photo of COLLaPorte COL Grover LaPorte Assistant Professor 845-938-7685  
Photo of COLLindquist COL Joseph Lindquist Academy Professor, Associate Professor 845-938-7436  
Photo of CPTLynch CPT Scott Lynch Instructor 845-938-3451  
Photo of Mr.Maresco​ Mr. Frank Maresco​ Information Technology Specialist 845-938-3175  
Photo of COLMcInvale COL Doug McInvale Academy Professor, Associate Professor 845-938-5988  
Photo of CPTMeadows CPT Daniel Meadows Instructor 845-938-4811  
Photo of CPTMiller CPT Ryan Miller Instructor 845-938-4018  
Photo of MAJMinetos MAJ Gregory Minetos Instructor (845) 938-6347  
Photo of Dr.Mitropoulos Dr. Alex Mitropoulos Assistant Professor 845-938-7460  
Photo of Ms.Morris​ Ms. Jennifer Morris​ Office Automation Assistant 5673  
Photo of CPTMorse CPT Steven Morse Instructor 845-938-6308  
Photo of Ms.Murphy Ms. Donna Murphy Executive Officer 845-938-4502  
Photo of MAJPleuss MAJ James Pleuss Instructor 845-938-6728  
Photo of CPTPlucker CPT Andrew Plucker Instructor 845-938-2654  
Photo of Dr.Pulleyblank Dr. William Pulleyblank Professor of Operations Research 845-938-3200  
Photo of LTCRoginski LTC Jonathan Roginski Assistant Professor 845-938-0267  
Photo of Dr.Rosas Dr. Michael Rosas Assistant Professor 845-938-3526  
Photo of Dr.Russell Dr. Travis Russell Assistant Professor 845-938-3495  
Photo of LTCScioletti LTC Michael Scioletti Assistant Professor 845-938-0061  
Photo of Mrs.Sheetz Mrs. Lori Sheetz Instructor 845-938-0690  
Photo of MAJSikora MAJ Timothy Sikora Instructor 845-938-2227  
Photo of Dr.Steward Dr. Michael Steward Assistant Professor 845-938-1747  
Photo of LTCSulewski LTC Charles Sulewski Assistant Professor (845) 938-4010  
Photo of Ms.Swanson Ms. Donna Swanson Office Automation Assistant 845-938-7459  
Photo of Dr.Thomas Dr. Diana Thomas Professor of Mathematics 845-938-5619  
Photo of CPTTurner CPT Dusty Turner Instructor 845-938-2453  
Photo of LTCVanatta LTC Natalie Vanatta Assistant Professor 845-938-0401  
Photo of Dr.Vega Dr. Maria Vega Assistant Professor 845-938-6729  
Photo of MAJWarnke MAJ Scott Warnke Instructor 845-938-5616  
Photo of Dr.Wattenberg Dr. Frank Wattenberg Professor of Mathematics 845-938-5618  
Photo of LTCWatts LTC Krista Watts Assistant Professor 845-938-2276  
Photo of MAJWebb MAJ Matthew Webb Instructor 845-938-2046  
Photo of LTCWilliams LTC Everett Williams Instructor 845-938-5649  
Photo of Dr.Williams Dr. Nakeya Williams Assistant Professor 845-938-2453  
Photo of COLYankovich COL Michael Yankovich Academy Professor, Assistant Professor 845-938-2807  
Photo of LTC (Ret.)Yoshitani LTC (Ret.) Shaw Yoshitani Assistant Professor 6727