COL Andrew Lee

Academy Professor, Associate Professor


Ongoing Research Projects

  • “Analytics-Driven Inspection Strategies for Post-Storm Infrastructure Damage Assessment,” A. C. Lee, M. Dahan, J. Justice, C. Barnhart, S. Amin. Working Paper for Operations Research.
  • "Near-Peer Student-Run Virtual STEM Summer Camp: Lessons Learned," A. C. Lee, J. Reynolds, M. Grogran. Submitted to the School Science and Mathematics Journal Oct 2022, awaiting decision.


Publications & Presentations

Grants and Research Funding

  • Co-PI, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling, and Informatics, for Nutrition Guidance and Systems (AIMINGS) Center Award Number: National Institutes of Health (NIH) 1 U54 TR004279-01.
  • Senior Personnel, National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant 21-57 IUSE SCORE with Data: Building a sustainable national network for developing and disseminating Sports Content for Outreach, Research, and Education (SCORE) in data science.
  • Dean's Faculty Research Funding, Evaluation Approaches for STEM Outreach Events, $1500, Awarded 2022.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  • "Discrete Zombie Apocalypse: A Mathematical Modeling Course Project," COMAP Contributed Paper Session, Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), (Boston, MA), Jan 2023
  • "Virtual and in-person STEM outreach Approaches from the US Military Academy," DoD STEM Technical Exchange, (Washington, DC), 2022
  • "Multimodal Prescriptive Analytics for Rapid Post-Disaster Inspection Operations", B. Bahamondes, M. Dahan, A. C. Lee, S. Amin. 11th Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis (TRISTAN) 2022.
  • "Using a Lightboard to Create Lecture Videos," a Teaching Improvement Presentation (TIP) for the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE), (West Point, NY), 2022
  • "Near-Peer Student-Run Virtual STEM Summer Camp: Lessons Learned," International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM), invited session speaker, (Virtual), 2022
  • "Uncertainty-aware Routing of Aerial Sensors for Infrastructure Damage Inspection," INFORMS  Annual Meeting, (Phoenix, AZ), 2018;
  • "Integration of sUAS-enabled sensing for leak identification with oil and gas pipeline maintenance crews," Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS) International Conference, (Miami, FL), 2017
  • "Implementing an Institutional Interdisciplinary Program with Mathematicians at the Lead," Gohlich, D., Kobylski, J., Lee, A.C., Weld, C., Joint Math Meetings, (San Diego, CA), 2013,…
  • "Optimized Routing of Unmanned Aerial Systems to Address Informational Gaps in Counterinsurgency," Lee, A.C., Joint Math Meetings, (San Diego, CA), 2013,…;