CPT Anna Tucker

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CPT Anna Tucker




CPT Anna Tucker is an instructor in the Department of Mathematics at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. She currently teaches MA206, Probability and Statistics. Anna is Cyber Operations Officer (17A).

Anna’s previous assignments include Battalion S-1, 2-377 Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, 4-25 IBCT(ABN) in Anchorage, AK; Cyber Network Defense Manager, 155 Cyber Protection Team, USACPB in Augusta, Georgia; Cyber Network Defense Manager, 01 National Cyber Protection Team, USACPB and the Cyber National Mission Force and at Fort Meade, MD. While stationed at Fort Meade, Anna also served as a White House Social Aide for both the Trump and Biden administration.

Anna received her B.S. in Mathematical Sciences from USMA in 2014, M.S. in Analytics from Georgia Tech in 2020 and an M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University in 2022.