Dr. Charles Randow

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Dr. Charles Randow

ARL Visiting Scientist



Dr. Charles Randow is the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Visiting Scientist to the United States Military Academy, where he teaches in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and serves as an advisor to capstone projects in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. At ARL, Dr. Randow’s primary research involves computational modeling of terminal effects, with a focus on vehicle protection. Prior to working for the Army, he worked in the printing and paper industry and taught mechanical engineering courses at Bucknell University. Dr. Randow has a BS in Engineering Science and Mechanics and an MS in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech, and a PhD in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Penn State, which he received in 2005. He enjoys reading, films, and playing wargames.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Modeling interactions between detonating explosives and nearby materials
  • Modeling systems for protection against chemical energy threats

Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications:

  1. C. Randow, C. Cummins, M. Keele, and E. Klier “Nodal applique for blast,” US Army Research Laboratory Technical Report, ARL-TR-9176 (2021)
  2. C. Randow “Simulations involving combined ballistic penetration and blast,” US Army Research Laboratory Technical Note, ARL-TN-1026 (2020)
  3. J. Faul, R. Sciortino, R. Buchmann, B. Cheeseman, C. Randow, and M. Lynch “Novel approaches to combat vehicle manufacture,” Proceedings for Survivability & Protection Training Symposium, November 5–7, Fort Benning, GA (2018)
  4. A. Freidenberg, J. Bruhl, C. Conley, and C. Randow “High fidelity structural analysis for undergrad structural engineering students,” Proceedings for Structures Conference 2018 (ASCE), April 19–21, Fort Worth, TX (2018)
  5. M. Zellner, C. Randow, et al. “Design of a simple blast pressure gauge based on a heterodyne velocimetry measuring technique,” US Army Research Laboratory Manuscript, ARL-MR-0936 (2016)
  6. C. Randow and M. Zellner “Analysis of an underbody blast from a computational and experimental perspective,” US Army Research Laboratory Technical Report, ARL-TR-7580 (2016)

AIAD Poster Presentations: 

  1. S. Chinn and C. Randow “Ballistic and blast performance of bio-based materials,” Poster presentation, 27th Annual ARL/USMA Technical Symposium, United States Military Academy, NY (2019)
  2. C. Kim, C. Randow, and M. Zellner ``Modeling and characterization of soil subjected to blast,'' Poster presentation, 26th Annual ARL/USMA Technical Symposium, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (2018)