LTC Delante E. Moore

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LTC Delante Moore

Assistant Professor


LTC Moore serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at West Point.  LTC Moore’s previous assignments and positions include serving as instructor, analyst, and assistant professor in Department of Systems Engineering, an ORSA and plans officer for the Third Infantry Division and various command and staff positions as a Signal Officer.  He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Point (2005), his M.S. in industrial engineering from University of Miami (2014) and is currently completing his Ph.D. studies in biostatistics from Emory University.  His research interests are focused on spatial statistics and Bayesian inference with a focus on infectious disease mapping. LTC Moore is also a past recipient of the Most Promising Engineer in Government for the Black Engineer of the Year Awards as well as the Janice a Lumpkin Educator of the Year award from the National Society of Black Engineers.