COL Kevin Cummiskey

COL Kevin Cummiskey

Academy Professor, Associate Professor


Currently teaching MA376 Applied Statistics

Ongoing Research Projects

Causal inference in introductory statistics courses ( with MAJ Bryan Adams, MAJ Jim Pleuss, MAJ Dusty Turner, LTC Nicholas Clark, and COL Krista Watts.


Assessing the effectiveness of writing center attendance on student outcomes with CDT Nicholas Cunningham, Dr. Colleen Eils, and LTC Andy Lee.


Methods for estimating the health effects of exposure to point sources of emissions using large-scale and diverse data sources with Chanmin Kim, Christine Choirat, Lucas Henneman, and Corwin Zigler.

Publications & Presentations


Henneman, L.R., Choirat, C., Ivey, C., Cummiskey, K. and Zigler, C.M., 2019. Characterizing population exposure to coal emissions sources in the United States using the HyADS model. Atmospheric environment, 203, pp.271-280.


Cummiskey, K., Kim, C., Choirat, C., Henneman, L.R., Schwartz, J. and Zigler, C., 2019. A Source-Oriented Approach to Coal Power Plant Emissions Health Effects. arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.09703.


Cummiskey, Kevin, Shonda Kuiper, and Rodney Sturdivant. "Using classroom data to teach students about data cleaning and testing assumptions." Frontiers in psychology 3 (2012): 354.



Cummiskey, Kevin, Bryan Adams, Jim Pleuss, Nicholas Clark, and Krista Watts.  “Causal Inference in Introductory Statistics Courses.” Presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings, Denver, CO (2019).


Cummiskey, Kevin, Chanmin Kim, Christine Choirat, Lucas Henneman, Joel Schwartz, and Corwin Zigler. “A Source-Oriented Approach to Coal Combustion PM2.5 Health Effects.”  Travel award winner. Presented at the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics, Charleston, SC (2018).


Cummiskey, Kevin, Christine Choirat, Chanmin Kim, Lucas Henneman, and Corwin Zigler.  A Data-Driven Approach to Source-Receptor Mapping of Power Plant Emissions to Exposed Populations.  Presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, BC (2018).