MAJ Rocha

MAJ Michael Rocha

Assistant Professor


MAJ Michael A. Rocha is currently the course director for MA206 Introduction to Probability and Statistics. He enlisted in 2005 and served for three years as a Bio-Medical Equipment Technician before studying at USMA in Mathematics. He branched finance and reported to Ft. Liberty (formerly Ft. Bragg), where he worked alongside the DMPO and G-8 to facilitate rapid deployment operations by securing cash on-hand ready to issue to paying agents within a 24-hour notice. He deployed to Afghanistan where he provided budgeting and oversight for direct contribution funding for the Ministry of Interior (ANP) and executed by the Afghani National Police program. At Ft. Drum, he served as the FMSU Executive Officer before commanding Bravo Detachment, where his detachment oversaw the Commercial Vendor Services (CVS) retrograde mission, certifying contracts from the Southwest Asia theater of operations for payment, to include many requirements he worked on during his time in Afghanistan. He concluded his time at Ft. Drum as the 1st BCT S8.

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