Cadet Clubs

DMI officers and NCOs serve as OICs and NCOICs for the DMI-sponsored Military Clubs in support of the Directorate of Cadet Activities’ mission to significantly enhance the development of the United States Corps of Cadets militarily, physically, academically, moral-ethically, spiritually, and socially by providing organized, comprehensive and diverse programs and facilities, which provide for entertainment, extracurricular, recreational, cultural and social activities. Military Clubs sponsored by DMI include:

Combat Weapons Team (CWT): The USMA Combat Weapons Team develops competent leaders of character through the medium of live fire training events, the mentorship of fellow cadets in the employment of small arms, and by competing in local and regional small arms competitions. The Combat Weapons Team focuses heavily on leader development through marksmanship to include formalizing their competition schedule in local and national level matches along with supporting the Corps Of Cadets with marksmanship mentors. The team is officially a member of the Scholastic Pistol Program, competes in the All Army Small Arms Marksmanship competition and the Joint Service Academy Combat Weapons Competition, along with local USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge matches.

Drill Team: The Drill Team’s mission is to represent the United States Military and the Corps of Cadets by displaying excellence in the performance art of regulation, exhibition, and individual drill on a local, national, and international level.




Law Enforcement Tactics Club (LETC): To provide leadership development and to inspire Cadets who desire to learn more about the Military Police Corps and law enforcement TTPs IOT foster a commitment to a lifetime of service to the Nation as an Officer in the United States Army.


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Pistol Club: The Pistol Team trains team members in firearm safety and advanced marksmanship skills in order to compete in intercollegiate pistol matches. Collegiate pistol matches use international pistol courses of fire, the Olympic Pistol Shooting Events, to compete. The Pistol team competes against traditional rivals: Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, Royal Military College of Canada, and the top civilian colleges in the country. The Pistol Team also trains and competes in Conventional Pistol and Service Pistol courses of fire using Army .45 and 9 mm pistols at the National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio each year.


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Small Unit Tactics Club (SUTC): The Small Unit Tactics Club's mission is to train and inspire select members of the Corps of Cadets and enhance their skills in small unit tactics and the troop leading procedures. This enables each graduating member to be better prepared for a lifetime of service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army. "Precision, Dedication, Teamwork." The Small Unit Tactics Team currently trains once a week and conducts field training exercises and a live range at least once a semester. The Small Unit Tactics Team also serves in a support role to supplement the cadet summer training during the academic year, as well as conducting demonstrations and community outreach for the Scout Master Council, the Paintball Team, Plebe Parent Weekend, sporting events, and various other West Point functions.


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