The 2020 Sandhurst Competition scheduled for April 17-18 at the U.S. Military Academy has been CANCELLED.  This decision has been made based on the ever-changing situation related to COVID-19 in addition to protecting the health and safety of our community and the many participants who were expected for the event, which includes both U.S. and international teams.

While we understand how disappointing this is for all those teams who earned a chance to compete, our decision is based on the current understanding of how COVID-19 is progressing in the United States.

Sandhurst 2020 


Sandhurst is the world’s premier international academy military skills competition that inspires excellence through rigorous physical and mental challenges that reflect the tempo, uncertainty and tasks of combat operations. The competition strengthens relationships with our allies and partners to foster multi-national cohesion and interoperability - showcasing the tenacity and grit of future leaders of the Armed Forces across the world. 

Cadets will need to think rapidly and adapt to succeed. The competition includes 14 grueling events that will test cadets ability to shoot, move, communicate, medicate and lead then will conclude at the Crucible – the final event design by the Military Ninja Warrior focused on physical/mental toughness and agility.

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Sandhurst Sled Drag

Sandhurst Military Skills Competition 2020

Hosted by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point since 1967, the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition promotes military excellence of future leaders worldwide.  On 17-18 April, 48 teams representing 14 international military academies, 15 United States Military Academy regimental teams, 16 Reserve Officer Training Corps programs and three U.S. service academies will compete in a rigorous 36-hour course to test warrior spirit, team cohesion, and dedication to mission accomplishment.

Sandhurst Military Skills Competition

Hosted by West Point since 1967, the competition encompasses 49 teams representing 13 international military academies, 16 Reserve Officers' Training Corps programs, and four U.S. service academies that compete in a rigorous 27-mile course to test individual and squad mastery of military skills.

“The Sandhurst competition teaches cadets the mental and physical toughness, the relentlessness and the discipline that’s necessary to work as a team to accomplish the mission,” said Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams, U.S. Military Academy Superintendent. “It also strengthens relationships with our allies and partners to foster multi-national cohesion and interoperability while showcasing the tenacity and grit of future military leaders from across the world.”

Cadet completes an event during the Sandhurst Competition

Sandhurst Winners

2019:  USMA Black
2018:  United States Air Force Academy
2017:  USMA Black
2016:  Royal Military College of Canada
2015:  Sandhurst Red
2014:  Sandhurst Blue
2013:  Sandhurst Blue
2012:  Roycal Military College of Australia - Duntroon
2011:  USMA B-3
2010:  Sandhurst A
2009:  Royal Military College of Canada

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