Military Officer Graduate School 

Once selected, DPE forwards By-Name Requests to Army Human Resources Command (HRC) for approval. Once approved, officers seek acceptance to one or more of the three graduate schools listed below and submits ORIGINALS of the following documents to the DPE Recruiting Officer for the creation of each candidate's Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) packet:

1. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores (Must not be more than 5 years old.)

2. Letter(s) of Acceptance (Must include each item listed below. If not in original letter, request a supplemental letter from the school/department that does include this information.) 

  • Name of officer being accepted
  • Statement offering admission to the school
  • Tuition Information (resident or non-resident and cost per semester)
  • Degree to be obtained (MA, MS, Ph.D., JD, LLM, etc.)
  • Department and discipline to which admitted
  • Registration and class start dates
  • Inclusive dates of the officer's program of study
  • Expected graduation date
  • Length of academic program (i.e. 33 semester hours or 18 months or 3 semesters)
  • Required prerequisites (if any) and if they can be taken concurrently with the program, or must they be taken prior to official acceptance into the graduate program

3. Transcripts (undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)

Other NON-ORIGINAL documents needed are:

4. DA Form 1618 (Must list all three schools - email digitally signed form, but must parcel mail original if hand signed)

5. Letter of Intent to Seek In-State Tuition (can be digitally or hand signed, scanned, and emailed)

6. Waiver requests (can be digitally or hand signed, scanned, and emailed): Waivers are in memorandum format and state why the officer should receive an exception (i.e. for low GRE or GPA, inability to take GRE due to combat deployment, etc.) and plans, if any, in place to negate currently requested waivers (i.e. retaking GRE at a specified date, or will be returning from deployment on specified date and will take GRE upon redeployment, etc). 

Approved graduate school programs: 

To view the  recommended classes for a Master's Degree, click here .

As a participant in the Army's fully funded Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) Program, you will receive PCS orders assigning you to the  U.S. Army Student Detachment (USASD) at Ft. Jackson, SC, with duty at your specific university.

For more information on the GRE, click here . ACS requires that minimum scores are 153 points on the verbal assessment, 144 points on the quantitative assessment and 4.0 in the analytical writing assessment.