Teaching as a DPE Instructor 

DPE Instructors are assigned to one of four Teaching Committees - Military Movement (applied gymnastics), Boxing, Combatives, or Aquatics (survival swimming). You will generally teach four sections in your committee per round (quarter). Additionally, you will teach one of our cognitive courses - PE215 Personal Fitness or PE450 Army Fitness Development. The Fitness courses are lecture/lab courses that provide cadets with a baseline of knowledge and exposure to application in Wellness, Personal Fitness, and Organizational Fitness. Depending on your interests and skills, you may also teach a variety of lifetime sports (e.g. Strength Development, Golf, Basketball, Aerobic Fitness, Alpine Skiing, SCUBA, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, etc.).

In addition to teaching, other duties can include: 

  • Administrative Duty: each member of the faculty is assigned an administrative duty such as Testing, Guidance, Operations, Admin, Recruiting, Supply, etc.
  • Sport Educator: Supervise the execution of a company athletic program
  • Company Guidance Officer: work with cadet leadership to ensure physical performance scores are meeting USMA standards, and assist cadets with various fitness program development
  • Mentor: all aspects of cadet development, to include Values Education Training, Competitive Sports Programs, various Cadet Clubs, and more

The job is great and the work environment is exceptional. We have an outstanding mix of rotating military officers and permanent civilian faculty with a variety of backgrounds. 

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