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In the Department of Physical Education (DPE), we have an outstanding mix of rotating military officers and permanent civilian faculty with a variety of backgrounds and are proven leaders of operational units who are dedicated to careers in the U.S. Army. It's a great job in an exceptional work environment. 

Current and incoming instructors represent all the commissioning sources (OCS, ROTC, USMA) and most branches. DPE instructors have a variety of undergraduate degrees and come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Current and incoming DPE instructors have combat/operational-deployment leadership experience. DPE officers maintain a lifestyle focused on physical fitness and wellness.

We are looking for instructors to develop warrior leaders of character who are physically fit and mentally tough by engaging cadets in activities that promote and enhance physical excellence. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each December, we conduct a selection board that chooses officers to join the DPE faculty. Your packet is due 01 November of the applicable year. You may begin your file online utilizing the T.E.A.C.H. system. 

Eligible Graduation Years

Board Deadline

Begin Grad School

Report to USMA

Depart from USMA


DEC 2022

JUN 2024

JUN 2025

JUN 2028


DEC 2023

JUN 2025

JUN 2026

JUN 2029


DEC 2024

JUN 2026

JUN 2027

JUN 2030


DEC 2025

JUN 2027

JUN 2028

JUN 2031

Final selection is competitive based on academic and military qualifications. We typically select six Captains and receive 20-30 applications per year.

Officers selected as an instructor in DPE will serve in this capacity for three years. On rare occasions, an officer may be eligible for a two-year utilization tour based on several factors (year group, available key development time as a major, and ILE selection).

Most incoming instructors have a June arrival date at West Point. After in-processing, officers serve in some capacity as physical readiness training monitors for the Cadet Summer Training Program. During this time, officers also undergo cross-training with their course directors.

If requested in writing (a brief memo is fine), we will consider incomplete applications of deployed personnel. We understand that deploying and preparing to deploy should be your priority, but we still encourage you to quickly complete as much of the application as you can. Though we will consider files with missing items from our deployed candidates, past applicants have, through prior planning, found a way to submit needed items from their combat postings. The recruiting officer is poised to help you complete your packet and have it in prime condition for the board.

Once selected, officers apply to graduate school (Texas A&M, University of Indiana, or UNC Greensboro) where they earn a master's degree in kinesiology. The degree programs are all one year in length and immediately precede your 3-year utilization tour here at USMA. The degree programs are set up to prepare the officer for their duties at USMA. Generally, the program of study includes pedagogy, curriculum development, motor learning/control, and exercise physiology courses while also allowing you the opportunity to assist in teaching some basic physical education activity classes.

Civilian Teaching Opportunities

Are you a civilian interested in working in DPE? All current civilian job postings can be found at USAJOBS. You can also email to be advised of potential future job postings.


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