2023 NASA Student Launch Competition


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2023 Mission

The ARES team is participating in the NASA Student Rocket Launch competition where it will be competing with other top universities and colleges across the nation at Huntsville, Alabama in the spring of 2023. Requirements for this nine-month commitment include "designing, building, and launching a payload and vehicle components that will support NASA research on high-power rockets". The rocket will be designed to be recoverable and reusable, with appropriate technical documentation, extensive STEM outreach, and a design with a payload capable of receiving commands over radio and performs tasks with a camera system.

Student Launch reaches a broad audience of colleges, universities, and secondary institutions across the nation in a nine-month commitment to design, build, launch, and fly a payload(s) and vehicle components that support NASA research on high-power rockets.

The College/University Division teams were challenged to create a gridded map from a satellite, or similar, image of a launch field and autonomously locate where their launch vehicle has landed while transmitting that data back to their ground station.

Behind the SPEAR

Tip of the SPEAR

Cadet Pavel Shilenko, Class of 2025
3rd Class Cadet - Physics 
NAR #: 297370 


Cadet Max Marchi, Class of 2024

Cadet Rea Smith, Class of 2025

Cadet Harrison Wepener, Class of 2025

Cadet James Ye, Class of 2025


CDT Austin Burns

CDT Travis Cahanding

CDT Matt Decker

CDT Sam Della-Santina

CDT Ellery Doyna

CDT Aiden Ford

CDT Ed Jung

CDT Michelle Hon

CDT Andrew Nyguyen

CDT Arnav Pai

CDT Nathon Sergovia

CDT Rathin Shah

CDT Bryce Sinclair

CDT Simone Willson

Sharpening the SPEAR

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