Mission: Spectrum, in accordance with the values and vision of the United States Military Academy, actively bridges the relationship between Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) cadets and their allies while promoting the ideals of respect, community building, understanding, and support.

Community Building: Spectrum serves as a social venue for LGBTQ cadets and allies through club meetings and various events. Through this channel, members work together to solve issues, create solutions and create an inclusive and diverse community.

Understanding: Through the promotion of acceptance, Spectrum is an educational forum that provokes critical thinking through educational meetings and awareness of LGBTQ issues or topics.

Supporting: Spectrum serves a safe haven for LGBTQ cadets when they need support as well as serving as a representative for LGBTQ issues and discussion for the Corps of Cadets.

Officer In Charge:
CPT Chad Plenge
(845) 938-7959