West Point's Character Development Strategy

The United States Military Academy educates, trains, and inspires leaders of character. The Army and the Nation deserve and demand West Point graduates committed to the ideals of Duty, Honor, Country and the Army Ethic.

This document, Live Honorably and Build Trust, describes the strategy that both develops character and modifies behavior over the course of the 47-month cadet experience. The desired end state is for graduating cadets and rotating faculty members to depart West Point with the character, competence, and commitment to build and lead resilient teams that thrive in complex security environments.  Cadets, all staff and faculty, and coaches are important and directly contribute to our Academy Mission. It is important that we all commit to living honorably and building trust, on and off duty.

The purpose of this strategy is to create a common framework that inspires, empowers, and holds everyone accountable for their individual actions and those in their charge. This includes both  Army Professionals (military and civilian staff & faculty and coaches) and Aspiring Professionals  (the Corps of Cadets). We all must display the appropriate attitudes and behaviors that inspire each other to live honorably and build trust. We must leverage every opportunity to not only educate
and train, but also to inspire and challenge each cadet and every Army professional.

West Point Leader Development System (Approved 2018)