Annual "Inspiration to Serve" Cemetery Tour

Each Spring, 3rd Class Cadets participate in West Point’s “Inspiration to Serve ” Cemetery Tour and Pre-Affirmation Reflection as part of their mandatory Cadet Character Education Program (CCEP) requirements.  This annual tour is run by the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic.  TAC Teams lead their 3rd Class Cadets through the West Point Cemetery to hear from graveside speakers who provide personalized stories of recent West Point graduates who died during training or who were killed in action in support and defense of the Constitution. At designated reflection sites in the cemetery, TAC Teams then lead a discussion on the inherent risks and sacrifices of the profession of arms. This formative experience is designed to honor our fallen graduates, connect cadets to the Long Gray Line, and inspire  3rd Class Cadets’ decision to affirm and enter the profession.