DMI recognizes its best in the military pillar

By Capt. Randolph Rotte III DMI, MS300 Instructor - December 7, 2022
The 2022 recipients of the Gen. Terry de la Mesa, Col. Clarence W. Daugette, Jr., the Cadet John Peter Todd Memorial and the CJ Morgan Memorial awards show off their awards with the sponsors. From left to right are JeNeal Granieri, Class of 2023 Cadet Mark Nylund , the Morgan family, Class of 2023 Cadet Cade Cunningham, Class of 2025 Cadet Grace Young, Sgt. 1st Class Peter Berthold, Clarence Daugette III, Col. Alan Boyer and Class of 2024 Cadet Andrew Fergus. Photo by Kyle Osterhoudt/USMA PAO

The Director of the Department of Military Instruction (DMI), Col. Alan Boyer, and the Chief of Military Science and Training, Lt. Col. Daniel Stuewe, along with honored sponsors Clarence Daugette III, JeNeal Granieri, and Chris and April Morgan presented awards for the top achievers in DMI from the last academic year on Nov. 19 at West Point. 

Class of 2025 Cadet Grace Young, Class of 2024 Cadet Andrew Fergus and Class of 2023 Cadet Mark Nylund distinguished themselves by achieving the highest academic average in their respective Military Science courses. 

Class of 2023 Cadet Cade Cunningham was recognized as the cadet who best exemplified leadership at Cadet Leader Development Training in the summer of 2022.

Established in 1970, The Gen. Terry de la Mesa Allen Award was presented to Nylund, Company H-2, who achieved the highest rating in Second Class Military Science, Platoon Operations. 

Nylund is from Houston and is a Life Sciences major, and a member of West Point’s Black and Gold Sandhurst team. Nylund served as the battalion assistant operations officer during Cadet Leader Development Training. 

Granieri, spokesman for the 104th Infantry Division National Timberwolf Association, stated that presenting this award to such an outstanding cadet was “a great way to honor the service of Gen. Allen and all those who served with the Timberwolves.”

The Col. Clarence W. Daugette, Jr. Society Award has been presented to outstanding cadets in military science by the family of Clarence Daugette III since 1963. 

This year, Fergus, Company B-3, received the honor for his top performance in Third Class Military Science, Fundamentals of Small Unit Operations. 

Fergus is from Winchester, Virginia, and a Systems Engineering major. He is a member of his Company’s Sandhurst team. 

Clarence Daugette III told Fergus how much “he enjoys presenting this award to cadets as recognition for military excellence each year.”

The Cadet John Peter Todd Memorial Award was presented to Young. The award was established in 1985 by John A. Todd as a memorial to his son and is awarded to the cadet with the highest rating in Fourth Class Military Science. 

Young is from New Port Richey, Florida, and is a Life Sciences major. 

The CJ Morgan Memorial Award was presented to Cunningham. The award was established in 2020 by Chris and April Morgan as a memorial to their son and is awarded to the cadet who best exemplifies leadership at CLDT. 

Cunningham is from Yuba City, California, and is a business management major. Chris Morgan said after hearing Cunningham’s peer feedback that “he fit well with what CJ stood for.”

Following the formal presentation of the awards, the Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Mark Quander stood on the field with Young, Fergus, Nylund and Cunningham at Michie Stadium and recognized their performance in front of the Corps of Cadets as the Army football team went on to beat UConn.