Companies fight for sports supremacy during fall brigade finals

By Delancey Pryor III PV Assistant Editor & Class of 2022 Cadet Ellington Ward - November 22, 2021
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The Department of Physical Education had its Company Athleticsʼ Fall Brigade Finals Nov. 8-9 at various locations in Central Area.

The sports competed for in the fall championships were soccer, flag football, basketball, submission grappling and orienteering.

In soccer, Company I-1 defeated Co. A-4, 2-1, to take the championship.

(Above) In orienteering, Co. F-2  earned the victory.

(Above right) Co. D-3 took a hotly-contested basketball game for the win over Co. C-2, 43-41.

(Bottom right) Co. G-4 destroyed Co. E-1, 37-7, to grab the flag football title.

(Below) Co. C-4 topped Co. A-3 in team submission grappling while individual bouts were won by Jade Estell (Co. A-1), Sarah Traynor (Co. A-1), Diangelo Gourdine (Co. B-4), Jon Ross (Co. F-3), Zach Ortman (Co. C-3), Jack Fisher (Co. A-3), Joseph Miller (Co. B-3) and Garret Brown (Co. D-2).                            

Photos by Class of 2022 Ellington Ward and Delancey Pryor III/PV