West Point Parachute Team conducts initial skydives with the plebe class

By West Point Parachute Team - March 28, 2023
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The West Point Parachute Team traveled to Porterville, California, from March 18-25 to begin Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training with the plebe class. The Air Force Parachute Team cordially provided their DHC-6 Twin Otters aircraft, pilots, tandem/AFF instructors, contracted hangar/airfield access, maintainers and riggers to fully support this event. 

Their impressive staff, with more than 40 members, conducted tandems with all 10 WPPT plebes, and helped them successfully conduct solo freefall skydives from altitudes of 12,500 feet. While the plebes still require additional training and oversight, they are well on their way to receiving A-Licenses and becoming independent skydivers.

The WPPT made a combined 403 total jumps and 25 tandem jumps as 20 cadets participated.

(Photos provided by the West Point Parachute Team)