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CDT Nate Swanson shows the crowd at Sunbelt in Newport Beach, CA how to pick the winners of 2016 NHL playoff games. Pay attention, he got 68% of them right, including 58% of the upsets! CDTs David Baker, Sarah Juhn, and Jordan Moore brief a network analysis of the curricula for the Mathematical Sciences and Operations Research Majors. CDT Gustavo Maldonado: Automating METL Crosswalks CDTs Nicholas Juliano, Devonte Baity, and DS Dalisay, with guidance from Ms. Lori Sheetz and Dr. Hiroki Sayama (SUNY-Binghamton) introduce the field of network science to more than 10,000 people in Washington D.C. Mr. Dan Evans, a senior researcher with the Network Science Center with LTC Ed Williams, the Defense Attache in Zimbabwe, on a data collection trip to Zimbabwe supporting a project funded by the Army Study Program.
Featured Content: The Networks in Classroom Education (NiCE) team during the workshop hosted by the West Point Network Science Center and Center for Leadership and Diversity in STEM. See the below links for more information!