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To be determined: NiCE II


Sponsored by the Army Research Laboratory and West Point Network Science Center
CompleNet March 25-27, 2015                                                                            
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2013 IEEE 2nd International Workshop on Network Science (NSW 2013)
Conference Proceedings
6th Annual Network Science Workshop 22-24 April 2012                                                                            
Sponsored by ARO (Army Research Office)                                                                                                   
Conference Proceedings  

2011 IEEE 1st International Workshop on Network Science (NSW 2011)
Sponsored by ARO (Army Research Office) and IEEE
Conference Proceedings 
1st Annual Financial Networks Workshop 7-8 April 2011
Sponsored by ARO (Army Research Office)

5th Annual Network Science Workshop 26-28 Oct 2010                                                                            
Sponsored by ARO (Army Research Office)                                                                                                               
Conference Proceedings


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