Parent-Plebe Weekend

The U.S. Military Academy hosted Plebe-Parent Weekend to provide the USMA class's families and special guests a unique opportunity to visit, understand and appreciate the varied aspects of West Point life for cadets.

Cadets, along with the support of specialist staff, plan the entire weekend for their guests, including events at the Parents Weekend Welcome Center, various briefings by academy leadership, various sporting events, a plebe review, a National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) ceremony, a dinner banquet, the class crest unveiling, a barracks closeout, and the release for spring break.

This particular weekend is an annually celebrated event that serves as a critical first step in the Fourth Classʼs leadership development. It provides the class with their first opportunity to serve in various leadership roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The weather can range from very cold, freezing temps to spring-like conditions. Continue to check the weather forecast before departing for West Point. Always be prepared for a shower/rain/snow/ice.

Shuttle buses will be available throughout, but a fair amount of walking is still required. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Additional shuttle bus information can be found in the PPW Information Guide. You will be encouraged to park in Buffalo Soldier Field, and other parking areas to be shared via a map and all are encouraged to take the shuttle bus, especially on Friday.

Business casual for most events. Dinner and dance on Saturday night require more formal attire; a long dress or party pantsuit; a tuxedo, dark suit, or military uniform as appropriate; cadets will be in their full dress for the event.

The schedule will be posted on the Parent Information page in late January/early February. Hard copies will also be available at the bus pick-up point and at the Parent Welcome/Information Center in Eisenhower Hall on Friday, March 3.

Yes – please register! Registration will help us to plan for your visit. Thank you! A link will be posted on the Parent Information page – in early February

Plan to arrive either Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

(We hope to have a Parent Gathering on Thursday evening – plans to be shared once confirmed.) The Parent Welcome Center in Eisenhower Hall will open at 8 a.m. There will be tours of various buildings and presentations available throughout the day. Parents/guests will be formally welcomed on Friday afternoon.

Yes. Additional family members are welcome; however, the cadets are allowed four seats for the banquet (one for themselves and three additional). Cadets can often find additional seats through their company. It is the cadet’s responsibility to procure any additional seats. There is often a reference to “tickets” for the dinner. There are no actual “tickets” sold

Many cadets will invite dates to attend the dinner and dance. This is typically a family discussion/decision

West Point Club, Thayer Hotel, Subway, Lil’ Skeeters (West Point Bowling Center) and Burger King (located at the PX). Hours of operation can be found in the PPW Information Guide. Restaurants can also be found on Main Street in Highland Falls, ranging from sandwich shops to full-service restaurants.

YES! Transportation is available on Sunday, March 5 for plebes who require transportation to the major airports. Tickets are sold via an online link posted on the West Point MWR link.

Activities and events may include but are not limited to the following - Tours of the uniform factory (tentative), Jefferson Hall Library, Army Sports Hall of Fame, academic open houses, Department of Physical Education demonstration and open house, TAC Team open house and the opportunity to visit your cadet’s room in the barracks.

The Plebe-Parent Review is a parade with only plebes participating. The formation will consist of plebes from each of the 36 companies, in platoon-size formations (4 x 8). The companies will march in order (Company A1-Company I4) led by the brigade staff. The color guard marches in between the 2nd and 3rd regiments. Parents/guests will observe from the edge of the apron in front of the Eisenhower and MacArthur Barracks.

(Tentative) The dinner starts at 6 p.m. All cadets and guests are expected to be behind their chairs by 5:45 p.m. Remember to bring bubble wrap or socks to wrap your souvenir wine glasses. Attendance is mandatory for all members of the Class of 2026 unless on an approved trip section or hospitalized. Suggested attire can be found on the Parent Information page – please look for Cadet Hostess – Formal Attire presentation.

Yes, following the dinner guests will be encouraged to visit Ike Hall, go through receiving lines, and enjoy a hop (dance). Music for the hop is provided by the West Point Band.

The schedule is designed to give you options (or choices) of various activities to enjoy while attending Plebe-Parent Weekend. Please use the information as a planning guide and do not feel you have to attend EVERYTHING! Discuss with your cadet as they may have suggestions on what to see based on their experience to this point.

Any additional questions may be directed to
Deb Dalton
Parent Communications Liaison for West Point
(845) 938-8826