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Advanced Physics Program

Advanced study in physics provides skill in critical thinking valued by all branches of the Army and an academic foundation well-suited for later specialization in virtually any technical field of value to the Army.
Cadets who major in physics can serve the Army as acquisition project managers, astronauts, battalion commanders, doctors, engineers, intelligence specialists, nuclear weapons experts, physicists, and in other positions.
Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Cadets can apply the laws of physics to formulate mathematical models of physical systems, solve the resulting equations, and apply the solutions to hypothetical and real-world problems.

2.  Cadets can apply the laws of physics to formulate and test hypotheses in an experimental setting.

3.  Cadets can complete academic assignments and perform research using accepted ethical and scientific standards.
4.  Cadets can communicate logical solutions to scientific and technical problems to superiors, peers, and subordinates.
5.  Cadets are prepared for graduate education in physics, engineering or related fields.
Physics Major Requirements (PHY1)
1.  Complete 12 required courses (see table below).
2.  Complete any three-course engineering sequence (3CES).
3.  Take PH206 Physics II as the third science course.
4.  Take MA364 (Engineering Math) in the Third Class year.
Honors in Physics (PHY1H)
Honors will be awarded to cadets who meet a minimum GPA, take PH489, and take one additional course from the list of Honors Courses.

Course Offerings

PH206 Physics II                    PH255 Advanced Physics I    PH256 Advanced Physics II PH365 Modern Physics          PH381 Intermediate Classical Mechanics                              PH382 Intermediate Electrodynamics                     PH384 Applied Optics            PH389 Individual Study in Physics  PH456 Science and Policy     PH481 Statistical Physics       PH482 Advanced Classical Mechanics                              PH484 Intermediate Quantum Mechanics                               PH485 Laser Physics             PH486 Experimental Physics  PH487 Advanced Quantum Mechanics                              PH489 Advanced Individual Study in Physics                                PH495 Special Topics in Physics 

Honors Courses
MA371 Linear Algebra
MA376 Applied Statistics
MA385 Chaos and Fractals
MA386 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MA396 Numerical Methods for Solutions
of Differential Equations
MA476 Mathematical Statistics
MA484 Partial Differential Equations
MA485 Applied Complex Variables
NE474 Radiological Safety
PH472 Space and Astrophysics
PH489A Advanced Individual Study in Physics
PH495 Special Topics in Physics
SA473 Introduction to Astronautics