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Research is a strength of West Point and provides context to the classroom. It is central to a vibrant and relevent faculty and is one way West Point connects to the Army and to the Nation. Our students are driven, our faculty are world-class, and the Army applies that combination to its most difficult problems.
West Point faculty and student researchers regularly produce and present scholarly works (books, journals, conferences), and cadets routinely win Best Paper Awards at national and international graduate-level conferences. Members of our faculty hold fellowships and chairmanships in their disciplines with national organizations, and our products are deployed to the soldier.




Recent Developments

Army TechnologyNatick, West Point, Continue Collaborative Research

CDT Ruth Talbott and Dr. Becky Zifchock prepare an anthropometric test dummy for simulated blast testing at Army Research Lab, Weapons and Materials Research Directorate.
Cadets involved with the 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) project work with Mr. Jim Giacchi on a Mk-19 AGL and Mk-93 mount system. Cadets observe concrete placement after discussing rebar reinforcing, form work construction and concrete mix design. Cadets sit atop an M1A2SEP Abrams main battle tank with Mr. Anand Bahandur, a co-advisor on a capstone dealing with the tank loader’s station. RISD students and USMA cadets explain their data collection overlay resulting from their terrain walk exercise in the city of Providence.