Center for Data Analysis and Statistics

Center for Data Analysis and Statistics

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About the Center

The purpose of the Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS) is to serve as a strategic hub for specialized expertise, focusing on the application of statistical methods to address complex challenges within the West Point community and throughout the Department of Defense. Our primary objective is to support the professional development of faculty members, equipping them with essential tools and knowledge for proficient data analysis. Additionally, we are dedicated to enriching the educational experience of cadets by integrating cutting-edge statistical methods into classroom instruction. CDAS is driven by the purpose of making a meaningful and enduring contribution to the Army community, leveraging our proficiency in data analysis to provide valuable insights that enhance decision-making processes within the Department of Defense.

The CDAS plays a pivotal role in establishing and fostering professional connections, offering essential assistance for statistical initiatives at West Point and across the Department of Defense. Leveraging technical expertise, the center actively facilitates the professional development of staff and faculty within the United States Military Academy (USMA). To fortify these connections, CDAS orchestrates impactful linkages through various avenues, including summer internships, year- and semester-long cadet research projects, and faculty research initiatives. Through these initiatives, the center actively contributes to advancing knowledge, skills, and collaboration in the fields of statistics and data analysis.

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The Office of Research helps coordinate West Point’s research efforts with external entities. Those interested in conducting research with West Point can email the Associate Dean for Research.